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Welcome to the World Rimfire and Air Rifle Benchrest Federation website

No age limit, no size requirement, no gender preference, no language barriers. . . just one big family of shooters enjoying the spirit of competition and camaraderie. Ron Robles 2013

The Next World Cup 2023 in Pilzen (Most recent scores viewable here)

The fourth world championship in South Africa August 2019 has come and gone. For the first time, supporters from around the world were able to follow the targets and scores live thanks to the camera and internet connection sponsored and supported by Nashua.

The third World Cup was completed in August 2017, with the Third World Championship in Australia in August 2015. The second World Championship took place in the USA at the beginning of August 2011, with the second World Cup in Czech Republic in August 2013. The next World Championship is in 2019, to be held in South Africa and this will include a first, in the form of a European CUP. With events like the European Championship every four years and other international events, these are exciting times. We appreciate the support of all rimfire and air benchrest shooters around the world. As a FEDERATION, we service all International rimfire and air benchrest competitions in association with the partners around the globe. This site will be updated with news, scores and help files for those who participate in, or want to participate in, rimfire & air rifle benchrest competitions. There are lots of help and facts that you can glean from this website, with associated links pages that will take you to clubs, other associations, manufacturers and retailers. Please use our website to learn and understand more about this addictive shooting sport.

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Rimfire and Air Aifle Benachrest World championship 2023.
26 July 2023 until 04 August 2023, Pilsen, Czechia
Held at the Amry hooting Range Lobzy (Lobzy 1109, Plzen 4)
GPS: 49.737667. 13.418918 (N 49'44' 15.601" & E 13 25' 5.512")

Passion for Precision

WRABF are proud to be sponsored by LAPUA until 2023